Main Goal during the campaign was to acquire funding through an Indiegogo campaign.

How to reach that goal: By promotion and communication on target markets found on social media.

What I did:

  •  Handle the marketing plan of social media for the grindhouse film, Tough Cookie.
  •  Build an audience on social media to generate excitement for the film, and turn that excitement into donations. 
  • Create interesting content to share as well as finding interesting content that was already created.
  • Interact with our potential audience through social networking sites. 
  • Maintain SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and HEO (Hashtag Engine Optimization) on websites and social sites throughout the campaign.
  • Answered any questions that came across social channels.
  • Interviewed several individuals who were part of the project and post them on our official Tumblr blog to give people insight and background as to why we were asking for funds and why we wanted to create the film.
  • Build hype up to the launch of the trailer, and then promote the Indiegogo campaign across social channels. 
  • Created copy for Tumblr posts, blog posts, and social posts. Worked with Designer in graphic design content, with size editing done in photoshop.