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I’ve worked as a Social Media Manager and Specialist on a few clients in industries that range from pet care,  wood finishings, political, and film. Click on the following links of clients I’ve worked with to gain some insight into what I have done.

Best Friends

Digital Marketer - SOCIAL MEDIA Manager & DESIGNER

On a typical day of managing Best Friends' social content I would:

  • Optimize the brand name Best Friends Pet Hotel after re-branding from Best Friends Pet Care. 
  • Protection of brand name in the social media and online spaces.
  • Manage Best Friends' customer relationships.
  • Created sharable content for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram by using Photoshop, Illustrator, or Indesign. 
  • In charge of the content calendar throughout the month for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  
  • Manage social channels through Hubspot, Hootsuite, and directly on social channels. 
  • Check social feeds regularly for consumer trends and habits.
  • Community Management of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
  • Manage HEO (Hashtag Engine Optimization) across all channels.
  • Maintain SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on websites, social sites, and in naming conventions. 
  • Curate content for Blog posts. Examples can be found below social posts. 
  • Create and add video content to Youtube Channel and Social Channels. 
  • Projected Management Adwords.  New Technologies, & website updates.
  • All graphics, gifs, videos, blog posts and copy have been created by myself within this portfolio. 

Social Posts

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Equinox Business Law Group



General Finishes


General Finishes is a manufacturer of wood finishing products such as: wood stains, dye stains, gel stains, topcoats, chalk style paint, and milk paints. Their brand has many segmented demographics on their social reach. So, tactics are different dependent on the audience that flocks to certain channels.

On a typical day of managing General Finishes' social content I would:

  • Optimization of General Finishes brand name and product lines
  • Protection of brand name in the social media and online spaces.
  • Created sharable content for Facebook, Google +, Pinterest, & Twitter. 
  • Experienced editing scripts and help with the filming process of how to videos of our product lines.
  •  Manage customer relations across social networks. 
  • Manage graphics team through execution of monthly graphical needs and current campaigns. 
  • In charge of producing graphics for upcoming holidays, and selected themes for each month. 
  • Community Management with focus on Google +. Twitter, and Facebook.
  • Create 'Sharables' with consumer generated photos that featured uses of GF products to be shared on Twitter and Pinterest and other social channels.
  • Manage social channels through Sprout Social, creating a content calendar for Twitter on Sprout as well.
  • Check social feeds regularly for consumer trends and habits.
  • Manage HEO (Hashtag Engine Optimization) across all channels.
  • Produce leads to sales team
  • Maintain SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on websites, social sites, and in naming conventions. 
  • Protect company branding and name across Social Media and the web.
  • Check into General Finishes's Google Analytics. 
  • All copy, graphics, and blog posts featured in this portfolio  have been created by myself. 

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Citizens Against the train

Social Media Strategist and Designer
Twitter, Google+, Facebook
Sprout Social to Manage Content Calendar

I took part in actively seeking out news sites, websites, and blogs taking part in the discussion of All Aboard Florida’s plans and CATT directing traffic to our website for additional information and petition.

I took an unknown issue and made it into a well-known topic around the Treasure Coast, created enough discussion that it even made National News.

Citizen’s Against the Trains concerns our client Citizen's of Martin County who were lobbying against All Aboard Florida, a high-Speed rail company, who planned to upgrade an old railway that runs through the Treasure Coast of Florida to a high speed railway from Miami to Orlando at very minimal costs.

The problem that Citizen’s of Martin County had with All Aboard Florida’s plan was that their plan was not making the much-needed upgrades to the railways to make them safe for high speed trains. Also, that if there were to be any maintenance in the future it would be paid for from the taxpayer's dime. This in their mind added insult to injury, as the federal government was allegedly giving All Aboard Florida a loan to make the project happen.


We were given a month and a week total. A week to make a campaign and a month to execute it initially.

Our campaign goal was to:

1. Have people sign the mass petition against All Aboard Florida’s projected plan. This would be our Return on Investment monitor.

2. Our secondary goal would be to create enough interest that would cause a debate within Florida’s State Government. The people of the Treasure Coast would have more information and could argue for or against the trains. In essence we wanted to make it more wildly known and talked about.

To do this we approached businesses and home owners within the local areas to support the spread of information as this could affect them.

Within the first week we already had attention of individuals who worked with All Aboard Florida who would try to create dialogue and sometimes negative dialogue on our social media. We never engaged in negative dialogue but as those individuals came to make their points, it brought more interest to the page increasing our reach. The negativity from our opposition brought a following that was on our side. 

Throughout the campaign we continually reminded followers of the petition and let them know of other polls, or questionnaires that were going on regarding the topic of the trains.