Outpost Campaign

These Outpost spec ads were for the final competition of Milwaukee Portfolio School class.  I realized in my research that Outpost thought globally by thinking locally and what's more local than the farm physically in your natural foods store? 

For the guerilla, Outpost would have people dressed up as farmers handing out apples near parks and streets in the city of Milwaukee during lunch time. A sign that says, “Outpost Natural Foods, Try our apples from local farmers for free!” would be nearby the “Farmers” who would hand out an apple per person. The apple would have a sticker with Outpost’s logo, where the apple is from, and a QR code leading the person to the Outpost website. 

I took the photographs in the smaller Outpost in Wauwatosa, WI and added in the subtle farm images in Photoshop. My copy in the ads was simple and to the point and I incorporated the brown bag background since Outpost used brown bags in their websites and they also stress using a brown bag in the store.

This ad campaign won best in show by the professional judges that came to my portfolio class to judge the contest.